18 de set de 2009

Coincidence? Dow Jones identical on both September 11 of 2001 and 2009

Do things happen by chance or are they guided by the order that is in the chaos of the universe?

I personally do not believe in coincidences. I believe there is a correspondence of facts, an equation of infinite energy exchanges that culminate in the course of things. In terms of the microcosm, it would be, from my point of view, a chain of events that result from thoughts and actions of individuals. In the macrocosm, from thoughts and actions of the collective .

Ramblings aside, coincidence or not, the fact is that the Dow Jones, the main indicator of the New York Stock Exchange, registered the same mark on the fateful September 11 (2001) and, amazingly, on September 11, 2009: 9,605 points.

Regardless of beliefs or theories, whatever it is that you or I think about the existence or not of coincidences (this theme would not only cover a post, but a book, at least), the conclusion of this numerical coincidence in the largest stock exchange in the world is a shivering one.

I think the message that the universe wants to give is very simple: eight years after the disaster in Manhattan, nothing has changed. The greed of the current system of wealth exchange continues. The essence of human being remains the same. Even with such shock of September 11, we continue to make the same mistakes: short-term vision, socio-economic pragmatism, the rule of advantage, and so on.

Perhaps this is the ideal time to, once again, reflect on our actions, from the smallest ones, such as taking care of the trash at home, to greater ones like conscious consumption, respect for others, kindness in relationships with others, the love for life.

When I was a kid, I remember my father giving me a lesson. He told me this: a saddled horse is only once in front of us. And we should not, therefore, miss the opportunity of riding it.

I agree with him. But is our collective consciousness ready for this? Is it ready for the opportunities to make a better world?

Oh boy! I wish I had those answers.
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